You need extensions to install userscripts and userstyles.

WARNING: Stylish, another extension for userstyles, has had some privacy issues, so it is best to avoid it.

Old Reddit intermixed ad hider Instagram story stealer (ctrl/cmmd) + M when viewing an Instagram story to open the video/image in new tab YouTube skip ad Press alt + s to skip or close ad; logs ad video URL in console. Less annoying Instagram web experience Hides app download dialog and allows right clicking to save images and vidoes on posts Friendlier Discord on small screens Rickroll exposer Scratch forums long signatures and Scratchblocks scrollablifier Underground Schoology A second social media on top of Schoology


YouTube suggestions hider Thinner Scratch blocks Make the Scratch blocks thinner Piskel less laggy pen/touch I think using pen/touch is laggy on Piskel because they don't properly preventDefault touch events Github 4-space tabs 8-space tabs are too fat Signed out Instagram deannoyifier Allow scrolling far Infinite Campus student photo hider Schoology commenter ctrl/cmmd + click to open comments page to bypass comment restrictions Schoology dark theme Wider Realidades audio controls Infinite Campus request all courses as alternates Buttons are available on the course registration page ( Discord spoiler shower