Example Sequence 1 100 011 101 01
Plant (0) Determines if a plant or animal "Chemical" in plant Color of plant Direction of reproduction Reproduction rate (affects life span)
Animal (1) Animal's "allergies" Color animal is blind to Direction of movement Reproduction rate
What words mean in this context
Plant A model of a unicelluar life form that reproduces quickly but doesn't move.
Animal A model of a unicelluar life form that reproduces slowly, moves, and eats plants.
Life Short for "unicelluar life form." Or it could still mean "life."
DNA A string of 0's and 1's that determine how a cell behaves, interacts with other cells, or reproduces.
101 110 111
011 --- 100
000 001 010
Reproduction rates
RateChanceFor plantFor animals
00100%Plants attempt to reproduce every frame in their direction, and has half the chance to do it the other direction.Animals attempt to reproduce once they consume a plant in their direction.