Proposition 67

What does this do

Proposition 67 will prevent grocery stores and a few other types of stores from giving away plastic bags that will be used only once.

Recycled, reusable, or thicker plastic bags must be provided for at least 10 cents.

This will not have a major financial impact on the government.

Information for the unprepared

Currently, local laws in 150 cities or counties affecting 40% of the Californian population ban single use plastic carryout bags. They require stores to charge the 10 cents per carryout bag, but allow the stores to keep the 10 cents.

single use plastic carryout bag - a thin bag not made to be reused made of plastic that is used at checkout. Currently they are provided for free; 15000000000 single use plastic carryout bags are provided to Californian customers per year (400 per person).

reusable plastic bags - a thicker and sturdier single use plastic carryout bag. This can be used multiple times, but is provided at some stores for a price.

single use paper bag - a single use plastic carryout bag made of paper

Why this is a good idea

Proposition 67 will

Why this is not a good idea

Proposition 67 will