Hold shift while holding a button to generate a bunch of words; hold control/meta to clear. Add space after each word (for copying and pasting into one line).

Method 1

This alternates between a "vowel" and a "consonant" and tries to add extra letters to them as well and shtuff.

Method 2

A much simpler, probably easier to pronounce, version of method 1.

Method 3

Method 2 but using the Eyo alphabet (aeiou jknprst). Hopefully it's easier to pronounce.

Method 4

Method 1 but with more practical consonant combos.

Method 5

Use accented ching-chong (tones)

Making ching-chong Chinese word stereotypes taking advantage of pinyin.

Method 6

Alternates between consonant and vowel with no diphthongs nor consonant clusters. I've taken one of the orders from Wikipedia (eotha sinrd luymw fgcbp kvjqxz) and added each consonant from most used to least and stopped when the words started looking weird (letter c).