This is an introduction so that the page doesn't aruptly start off with my mini-biography.

The fact that it's starting with useless information still bothers me, though.

Scroll down because the introduction ends here.

Me in a nutshell

I am a human.

Call me by a gender-unspecific pronoun please.

Favorite game: Minecraft, though I don't play it much, I don't play any other game so...

Favorite social network: Scratch, though some people think it's not social media. We both don't seem to understand each other.

Favorite species: Sheep, unless that's just the general term for a group of species, then whatever one is the cutest one, I guess.

Favorite sport: I don't like sports in general. Including math competitions. That's a sport too.

Clinton or Donald: I like Hillary because she's environmental-friendly but I also like the idea of having a new national monument and a bunch of angry Americans for 4 years.

My name is Sean. Nice to meat you.

Outcomes of me being productive

When it comes to being productive, I've made a couple of things.

I've mostly been on Scratch and so here's one of my best projects.

All of my CSS/JS/HTML tests are unsafely located here.

I've also made a conlang called Eyo. It's not a valid language yet since no one else knows it. ;-;

In Minecraft, I've made a few simple one command block creations, but I don't remember where I kept them so I guess there's no point in showing that off.

And to conclude my bragging rights, my fastest mile time is at least 9 minutes. :P

How to stalk me

Guess which square leads to where:

Minecraft: SeanICUP