2021-11-25, a Thursday

UCSD Colleges Ranked


This post serves as a text-based supplement to a video I recently made showing off each college’s dorms.

Also, it’s very important that you’re aware of some recent changes to the colleges in the past few years:

Many online resources are out of date, so be aware of these changes. I’ll cover the recent changes in my post below.


Unlike most universities, UC San Diego splits its undergraduate students into different colleges, which are like Hogwarts houses except you get to rank the colleges you want to get into, rather than some old hat.

Your college is just more than instilling pride for your college or to have a closer support group of advisors or students. Each college has its own GEs (graduation requirements), and the dorms that first- and second-years stay in vary greatly depending on the college.

The video above shows the diversity of the dorms between colleges; here, I’ll just give a quick summary on each college’s GEs.


Revelle has a lot of GEs because it requires that you take five quarters of natural science courses, regardless of whether your major is a science major or not. Maybe that would be good if you intend on majoring in something bio, chem, or physics related, but otherwise the GEs are a lot.


Muir is nice. Their GEs have been known to be very flexible and light, so it’s a very popular choice.


Marshall’s GEs aren’t very notable, I think. They’re somewhat easy.


Warren’s GEs are very good for engineering majors because they’re easier for them.


ERC is an international themed college, so its GEs require you to:

ERC has a lot of GEs, which is not very ideal.

Sixth and Seventh

Sixth and Seventh’s GEs are both pretty nice as well.


Here’s a table qualitatively summarizing each college’s GEs:

College GEs
Revelle pain
Muir nice
Marshall meh
Warren nice if engineer; meh otherwise
ERC pain
Sixth nice
Seventh nice

If you don’t plan on living off campus for your first and second years, then you should also preview the dorms in my video comparing each college’s residential halls at UC San Diego.

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