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2024-02-18, a Sunday
LA CTF 2024
With graph theory, CSS can steal your password.
2023-04-29, a Saturday
fyi, I'm letting Google track you now
It's for my résumé!
2022-10-26, a Wednesday
Why do these sandwiches come with pickles?
If you think that question is stupid, I wrote this piece for you.
2022-07-08, a Friday
google ctf: js safe 4.0
Cursed JavaScript, fresh from Google's oven.
2022-05-08, a Sunday
sdctf 22 write-up
How I did the challenges for San Diego CTF 2022
2021-12-18, a Saturday
cs major iceberg
My major situation at UCSD
2021-08-31, a Tuesday
colourful accident
When a programming mistake results in a nice-looking range of colours
2020-11-27, a Friday
Spread awareness about this #security #vulnerability!
2020-10-22, a Thursday
bypassing securly
A little mistake by the student right robbers
2020-09-06, a Sunday
3 Tips for JavaScript​: Always use var
Best practices for JavaScript: Always use var!
2020-08-24, a Monday
Why closing HTML tags is dangerous practice
Closing your HTML tags can be dangerous! Here's why.
2020-08-11, a Tuesday
JSON is a language
So is Scratch
2020-07-06, a Monday
Why JSON is a hard programming language
Everyone knows what JSON is, but we can all attest to it being a difficult programming language.
2020-07-06, a Monday
A random rant about the new Scratch to JavaScript converter
2020-03-21, a Saturday
flatland chemistry
What if the world were 2D?
2019-08-10, a Saturday
hypercomplex UGWA
How UGWA deals with alternate schedules
2019-07-18, a Thursday
radical racism response
Responding to Gamepro5's article about racism.
2019-02-23, a Saturday
underground schoology difficulties
I made a secret social medium.
2019-01-02, a Wednesday
l'fonoloj d'm'leng
The phonology of my language.
2019-01-02, a Wednesday
pronouns in my dumb conlang
I recently made an alarming development in my dumb conlang.
2019-01-01, a Tuesday
analysis of gamepro5's server history translation
I recently made an alarming development in my dumb conlang.
2018-07-01, a Sunday
scratch-www troubles
I tried and kind of succeeded in building Scratch WWW.
2018-06-17, a Sunday
fancy vocabulary is bad
prioritise communication
2018-05-13, a Sunday
studying is cheating
a different testing system
2018-05-06, a Sunday
your patient soul
yet another afterlife idea
2018-05-06, a Sunday
Sean's flawless new English spelling reform
English has never been spelled better
2018-05-05, a Saturday
creating this blog
showing off
2018-05-05, a Saturday
test post
testing this cool little blog system I made