Project HTMLifier

Convert a Scratch project to HTML

This packages your Scratch project into a single HTML file that can run on its own. The HTML file will be pretty big because it contains the entire Scratch engine as well as the assets used in the projects.

The ask box and the variable and list watchers look different. The project will automatically start, and there are no green flag or stop sign buttons to click on. The username block will report whatever you set as the "Username value." Cloud variables will be stored locally and support strings, so they can be used to store game data.1

Made by Sheep_maker, who used: scratch-vm, download.js, and their dependencies for this project.

1Your jurisdiction may have privacy laws around cookies that you may have to deal with outside of Scratch.

2Compatibility mode forces projects to run at 30 FPS, like in Scratch 2.0. Turning this off allows the project to run at a higher framerate (usually 60 FPS, depending on the computer screen's refresh rate).