Move around and collide into things. Avoid dangerous blocks (such as lava, an orange block) and try to get to the destination blocks (lime green with the flag icon). Along the way, you may encounter special blocks but I won't go into much detail because it's fun seeing people discover things and realize they don't know everything.

If you're having trouble with jumping, remember that you can't run in midair. So take a running start before jumping if you want to navigate the air.

Keyboard controls

W or up arrow jump if on ground, swim up if in water. hold while jumping into wall to wall jump. makes a pillar with the pillar powerup

A or left arrow move left if on ground, swim left if in water

D or right arrow move right if on ground, swim right if in water

S or down arrow jump if in gravity blocks and on ground, swim down if in water. destroys block under you with the slammer powerup. falls through the floor with the transparent blocks powerup.

space brakes if on ground or in water. activates powerups.

P pauses the game

R suicide. useful if trapped in stickyground blocks.

Joystick controls

videogame_asset tap this icon first (on the bottom bar) to enable the joystick.

tap and drag to move around. the arrows correspond to the WASD keys.

tap and hold to brake. this is the same as the space bar.

tap to pause/resume. this is the same as the p key.

tap to suicide. this is the same as the r key.

What blocks do

your goal is to touch the green blocks with the flag.

don't touch this.

you can't go through this. you can go through air blocks though.

if you want to know everything about the blocks, go to the editor and hover over/tap the blocks.

How to use the very complicated bottom bar thing

mode_edit edit the level in the editor.

add_box load a level via a friend's level code or randomly generate a level for your boredom.

list play an example level if randomly generated levels are too glitchy or repetative for you and/or you have no friends that provide level codes.

playlist_add submit a level for me to add to the example levels or a level-bit for the random level generator.

power_settings_new place in a powerup block if a level has become too hard/impossible for you (this can happen if you die before you can productively use a powerup).

videogame_asset use the joystick for touchscreens if you can't use the keyboard.

help looks like you've discovered me!

more_horiz links to other uninteresting places.

If you don't know how to close this help window, click that red dot in the top-right corner of the pop-up dialogue. :P