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I’m Sean, a first-year undergraduate at UC San Diego majoring in computer science* and graduating in 2025, formerly a student at Gunn High School.

Pronouns he, él, li, , etc.

Experience at least 13 years

Phenomena that interest me

A sheep


A website

Front-end web development

The Tower of Babel flag of conlanging

Constructed languages

How to stalk me

Contact me through DiscordJoin my server to DM me without sending a friend request.


There’s some more on Scratch and GitHub.

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Almost everything Platformre A Platformer Audio Editor Colour input II Level editor Penland Nova Turkeys Telegraph Clicker Game Dodge dots game thing Color fight thing Connect 3 Gunn student simulator “Fun” Gunn Run YESNT Pistole offers a wide range of opportunities. The House The Hotel PFPFPF Roshambo OpenShit Smothered Rock SVG to PNG JPG Quality text-save Character copy area Cryptography HTMLifier E羊icques Grade Care Calculator Special character finder Weird flex but ok Attitude Trig Drill Generator Roots and Affixes Happy Number Finder Sieve of Eranthoses Animations Sentence Generator Longer Tweets F Word Penland Platformer Paint Unofficial Gunn Web App Ugwisha Elimination OlamREEE Billy Goat Blog Theme Context Menu Test Image to ASCII Tile editor Terminal Flappy bird AI κλωναλγ Cell Simulation Mars Ovinetopia Javascripts Miscellaneous Thingkingland Particles Minigames Chromebook creations Userscripts and userstyles Eyo Dictionary Eyo Word Validator

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